Weddings without bridesmaids and groomsmen : Virginia Beach Wedding
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Weddings without bridesmaids and groomsmen

by Christine on 06/13/18

Newly engaged couples emboldened by a new wave of creative independence coupled with financial restraint  are ditching expensive customs once thought to be marital must-haves. Gone are the herds of bridesmaids and groomsmen.

“More couples are opting to keep their wedding ceremony sweet, soulful and simple,” as they’re going back to the basics.”

More Americans are getting married in their late 20s and early 30s, according to  which mean they’re getting more time to contemplate their nuptial style. And it looks like simplicity is turning into one of the hottest new wedding trends. Less people means less stress asking friends to get involved in their weddings in alternative ways, such as providing hair and makeup help or DIY décor day of wedding. “The cost of being a bridesmaid or groomsman quickly adds up and puts financial burden on folks [instead] couples are including their friends in ways that are both meaningful and budget-friendly. “For many, it’s not just an issue of money but one of comfort: they don’t want to deal with managing a circus of friends and family competing for a spot in an exclusive bridal party.

“Having no bridal party is logistically easier,” said as it  leaves room in the decor budget to spend more money on the reception rather than having to purchase bouquets for up to 10 bridesmaids. When you downsize the wedding party, “there's less pressure and a sense of ease because you're allowing your friends and family to just enjoy themselves as guests. They can focus on celebrating the couple in their own way. Cutting down on drama is a big factor for the modern bride, as the stressful picking and choosing of the bridal party often feels more like a headache than an honor. It’s tricky to avoid offending a cousin or childhood friend who may be waiting for acceptance like an eager “Bachelor” contestant.
And once they’re picked, the expectations for bridesmaids and groomsmen can be high, as their performance often becomes a sore point. A quick look at the topics on The Knot forum boards reads like a teenage burn book: “Maids driving me MAD!”, “Maid of honor – can I ask her to step down?”, “Groomsmen dragging their feet”, “Don’t want sister-in-laws in bridal party!” and the desperate “Will you be my bridesmaid?”)



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